Pipe2012: GoFlow (Sprinkler System Analysis)

Pipe2012 GoFlow:  Developed for sprinkler system analysis with input from 2 major insurance companies. Includes automatic layouts, over 200 backflow  preventors, pipe schedules from 3 different hazard classifications, supply plot, hydraulic summary, required capacity, remote area analysis and ESFR.

Goflow(GOFLOW是一種新的概率風險評估方法,使用於大型複雜的分析,適合描述複雜的系統構造、 建立模型和進行水力計算分析):包括繪製管路,導入超過200種閥類,從不同的危險等級進行管段調度,繪製泵浦性能曲線,水力計算摘要報告,需求能力分析,邊角壓處理分析,ESFR快速相應,早期抑制)滅火系統水力計算分析軟體。

Laying Out a System in Pipe2010: GoFlow


Supply Plot


Pipe Type Tables



The Pipe Type table provides some very important capabilities which can save time for data entry. Once the different Pipe Types to be used in the system have been set (or the default used) in the Pipe Type Table, a single Pipe Type selection in the Pipe Information window will set the material, rating, and diameter.  The Pipe Type of several pipes can be set using group editing.  The pipe characteristic for a selected pipe can be fully set by selecting a Pipe Type and Installation Year.

Aged Based Roughness:  Once the Pipe Types has been specified a system analysis can be done for future years based on roughness aging.

Inventory/Cost Analyis:  The unit cost of pipe is specified in the Pipe Type table and used in a cost analysis report.

Roughness Calibration:  (KYpipe only)  A system can be calibrated by entering a few readings into the calibration wizard.  This will calulate aging factor to be used to determine Aged Base Roughness.  Therefore the calibration wizard and pipe type tables make system anlysis more accurate for the current year and future years.

Water Quality:  (KYpipe only)  When doing a water quality anlaysis the reaction rates can be specified in the pipe type table so they don't have to be entered in each pipe.



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